Welcome! Allow us to introduce ourselves

Medium Voltage Services is a specialty electrical contractor, hyper-focused on medium voltage cable installations, terminations, inspections, and QCx activities.

Clients value our services because of our eagerness and ability to provide client-augmented services that are tailored to their specific needs. 

Get to know medium voltage services

Who we are

MVS is a team of medium voltage specialists whose primary focus is providing a client augmented experience.

How We Do It

By listening to our clients and their individual needs. With access to patented technology, we personalize every medium voltage services experience and tailor our services to your specific needs.

Why Work with Us

Our goal is to form a mutually beneficial alliance, an alliance that gives you the ability to re-allocate your time and resources to other activities by allowing us to focus on medium voltage activities for you.


Our Values

As a Team, we value transparency, integrity, and doing the job right. Our client-augmented services promote creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit.


Our Mission

Medium voltage installations power our lives in many ways. The stability of this continuous power cannot be understated. Because of this demand, our mission at MVS is to standardize, with the highest quality possible, the activities surrounding medium voltage cable installations and commissioning activities.